Walnut Completed Perpetual Plaque-72 Name Plates

Walnut Completed Perpetual Plaque-72 Name Plates

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Step Edge Genuine Walnut Completed Perpetual Plaques come with laserable black brass plates. Completed perpetual plaques are assembled with screws and packed in a foam pouch. They come in multiple sizes.

Plaque size: 18” x 24”

Header Plate: 10” x 3”

Name Plates: 2 ½” x 1”


  • Please use "Clipart and Images" icon for make your design easier.
  • Header Plate and one Name Plate Engraving are free.


  • NO Photos
  • NO shades of gray
  • ONLY black and white
  • A vector file is preferred
  • Minimum Image Quality: DPI 300
  • Only upload images you have the right to use
  • Compatible file extensions: PNG, SVG, PDF and EPS


  • Engraving in gold color.
  • You can use the "add more text" tool to add 1 line at the time for customizing text style and text size each line separately.
  • All text will be evenly engraved based on what you input.
  • We will copy and paste EXACTLY what you submit, so be sure to double-check.